Thomas Scherer

Thomas Scherer, 39 years old, born and raised in Southern Germany, in a little village north of Stuttgart. At age 2o I entered the German Foreign Service and after a three year training was sent to my first posting in Tokyo, Japan. There I met Motoe, my wife. Our first son Paul was born in Tokyo while Peter, the second one, was born during my posting to Detroit, Michigan. With Paul having two Passports (Japanese & German) - Peter even has three (Japanese, German and US).

In Japan I learned to fly Paragliders in the early 90's. That was the first time I flew actively - the dream had been with me since childhood: A heli-operator in a neighbouring village had filled the air with those flying machines. I always wished to be aboard those Bell 47's when I was little.

In Detroit the family got a new addition with the Europa who started her life in the two car garage of our house. Social contacts centered around the process of building the plane. Fortunately other builders lived nearby.

Other interest include Computers, Astronomy, Languages (I speak Japanese, some Chinese and Mongolian), Ham Radio, playing Piano and Paragliders. You can download an MP3-encoded version of one of my compositions sung by Mongolian artist "Naran" here.