..... on the way to Los Angeles, 2nd. crossing the Atlantic  -  Orbit IV  is on ...

Wednesday, July, 28th, 2004
Oops, this guy is flying faster than I'm able to keep up with the WEB page ..... This morning he left from Mosbach (EDGM), a small city close to his father's home, where he brushed up the bird for the second jump across the pond. After a short visit at Bonn-Hangelar (EDKB) he flew to Porto (LPPR) at the Northern Coast of Portugal, where he arrived safely late at night (23:08 utc).

Thursday, July, 29th, 2004
After the standard procedures this morning (trouble to get normal gas from outside the airport, flightplan refusal by authorities, cash only for gas) the next goal is going to be Santa Maria(LPAZ), on one of those small Azores Islands. The Azores will serve as the final flight deck  to jump across the Atlantic as soon as the weather is reasonable enough for this stunt.

Friday, July, 30th, 2004
Good Morning, everybody. Yeah, it's a good morning. N81EU landed at LPAZ at 00:34utc under an almost full moon, kind of romantic, uuh ...well, another step closer to Oshkosh. There will be a short flight to Santa Cruz (LPFL) the Westmost Azores Island before grabbing the rest of the pond. Remembering those past four years, I think it's worth mentioning, that Thomas took this World Around Trip from the heavy end, always with the wind on the nose. So I might as well stop mentioning all the time, that this is the wrong direction :-), more later ...

... still Friday, July, 30th, 2004  but 16:13 UTC
As promised, the distance to the USA was shortened by 318nm today. Moving from Santa Maria to Flores (LPFL) , another Azores Island. Now Thomas is sitting ducks for friendly weather. If you do have a chance to look at actual weather charts, you will agree, that going via the Azores was the better solution compared to Island and Grönland. This year is really a challenge for "pond crossing folks". As soon as I'll get infos about the next steps, I'll let you all know ...

Saturday, July, 31st, 2004

Another challenge has started. N81EU left the Azores and is on it's way towards the Canadian coast.

Sunday, August, 1st, 2004
At this place, at this time (03:00 local), I would like to express many thanks to the NewYork and the Gander FIR folks for the extremely friendly and helpful approach towards all my curious questions, regarding the whereabouts of N81EU. They sent me emails and are patiently answering all my questions, enabling me to tell you, that 45degrees West  are crossed, next will be 50degrees and the status was reported as "normal". St. John's is at 52deg. 45 min West waiting for N81EU to touch down on Canadian soil. So, I'll have a short break and then I'll be "bothering" Gander again, just to keep you updated (and calming down my own nerves, yes I've got some too :-). We DO have a well organized Atlantic Ocean flight control, thanks again !!

... still Sunday, August, 1st, 2004
N81EU has landed in St. John's at 04:00 UTC after encountering another wind loaded ride across the pond, you won't guess it, the wind was on the nose again. I had the chance to talk to the Pilot, he sounded satisfied (to avoid a plain "proud") and is thinking about hitting Oshkosh in the last minutes, after a short nap of course... I'll have one too... 

Monday, August, 2nd, 2004
Good "early" morning ! After fighting almost 10h of disgusting strong winds, N81EU touched down at 22:30UTC at Moncton(CYQM), about 280nm East of Quebec. We had a rather lenghty phone discussion, going through the past hours and how to proceed. Tomorrow evening, Airventure at Oskosh will close its doors for this year. So N81EU is a little bit too far away to show up there in time. Wind, wind .... one day, we'll ask "Scotty" to beam us around the world. Well, the trip isn't over yet, Thomas has to reach home in LA ... some folks are eager to meet him there  :-) . 

... still Monday, August, 2nd, 2004
At 12:40UTC Thomas left for the US, crossing the border on the way from CYQM to Bangor (KBGR), where he settled the necessary customs procedures after landing at 15:05UTC. The fuel lines need to be taken care of next, they are dripping  somewhere. The bird had to take AVGAS on the last stop, as there was no chance to get  car fuel. Whether this is related to each other or not, it has to be fixed and will delay the takeoff for  Detroit (KPTK), the place where the bird was born and Thomas is looking forward to meeting some friends from those days at this "historical" place. 

... looong Monday,
This guy is not only establishing records airborn, no, on the ground too. With the help of  local staff, to whom I pass a written "ThankYou" from my little town in Old Germany, they exchanged all the fuel lines within two hours. N81EU is on the way to Detroit now ...

Tuesday, August, 3rd., 2004
If you remember Orbit_1 and Orbit_2 , you know, that we always take the full menu. So what was missing this time until now ? ... right,  a good and heavy thunderstorm. Tonight, just twenty minutes short of KPTK, Thomas had to land on the other side of Detroit just for watching the bird being baptized with hail, yes, thunderstorm with hail. So another 3 hours were gone until he finally could do the mini jump to the Oakland side of the city. He will take a one day rest there, look after himself and the bird. It will be another two days trip to Los Angeles, at least.

Wednesday, August, 4th, 2004
Yes, I know, I'm one day late , but ... news: one more recovery day in Detroit, so nothing special to report from my side.

Friday, August, 6th, 2004
920 miles closer to LosAngeles. This morning at 00:37utc,  N81EU touched down at the city of Lamar (KLAA), about 145nm Southeast of Denver. Tomorrow the Rockies will be the another task to solve, before the final parking position is reached. 

Saturday, August, 5th, 2004

Today Thomas departed from Colorado, crossed the Rocky Mountains flew past Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Las Vegas and landed safely in Upland, California. Everything in life comes to an end, luckily enough, sometimes  good one's. This is true for this story too. N81EU carried her pilot into the final harbour of this year's adventure. Starting from UlanBator in Mongolia to Bonn in Germany, crossing the Atlantic via the Azores, visiting Canada, missing Oskosh by a second and finally crossing the North-American continent. Now the bird will find a place at the Pacific Coast in LosAngeles. For how long ? I don't know. Ask Thomas .......

Good Bye, folks !